Interval Management,
The answer for the 2000's

About us

Michael J. Gilles



Mr. Gilles has conducted hundreds of strategic marketing programs in all food-oriented markets. The types of programs directed by Mr. Gilles and The Growth Group include:

New Market Entry
Opportunity Analysis * Acquisition Identification and Evaluation
* Joint Ventures * Redistribution

New Product Development
Concept Development * Concept Evaluation * Prototype Testing and Market Potential

Market Research
Operator/Distributor * Consumer Evaluations * Focus Groups
* Pricing Sensitivity * Data Bank Development

Strategic Planning
Strategic Reappraisal *Turnarounds * Acquisitions/Divestitures *Competitive Analysis


What is it?
*Outsourcing -- Vastly experienced individuals hired on a contract basis for an interval period.
* Total management responsibility for a specific function (ranging from sales management, new product development to strategic planning to marketing, etc.)
* On client premise several days weekly or monthly as needed, typically for 6-12 months.

When to use it?
* When there is a freeze on new hires
*When top management overload prevents current personnel from assuming additional responsibilities
* When the hiring of a $50-100,000+ full-time person is not in the budget
* When there is a loss of a key person whose replacement may take months.
* When a time buffer/mentor relationship will provide the means for an inexperienced junior to grow into job.
* When specific expertise is needed to implement a new program.

What are the benefits?
* The job gets done when you need results:
* Lower absolute cost than salaried employee.
* No employee benefits or hidden costs.
* Doesn't add to head count.
* Short-term/temporary arrangement reflects changing needs.
* Improves overall productivity.

What others have said:
* "An effective method to capitalize on expertise."
* "Contributes an unbiased perspective."
* "Functions more like team players who correct the problems."
* "Particularly effective in managing change with entrenched staff."

The Interval Manager assumes the management responsibility for a functional area (marketing, new product development, market research, strategic planning, etc.) on a part-time basis for an interval period. This is a cost-effective way for clients to overcome time or budget constraints.

Interval Management Experience

Marketing VP Marketing Food Processors
Sales New Products Restaurant Chains
Strategic Planning Market Research Associations
Market Research Site Selection Universities
Turnarounds Franchise Marketing Venture Capitalists
Mergers &Acquisitions Business Planning Developers