Michael J Gilles, President
4185 Rhodes Way
Oceanside, CA 92056
Phone 949.488.3880
Fax 760.941.4139
E-mail: mjgilles@aol.com

About us

Michael J. Gilles


The Growth Group was formed in 1986 by Michael Gilles to serve food, foodservice and restaurant companies in the areas of sales and profitability growth planning and implementation. Mr. Gilles, who serves as President of the company, has extensive experience as an interval manager for food processors, restaurant chains, associations and venture capitalists.

The philosophy of The Growth Group is that all strategic and tactical planning should be condition-based rather than ambition based. Although general knowledge accumulated from conducting previous consulting programs serves as a starting point, obtaining current, reliable market and/or consumer data is one of the key elements of any assignment. The Growth Group maintains complete client confidentiality and non-disclosure agreements are readily entered into with its clients.