Folding Table Company


The company created a truly multi-functional table that is ideal for eating, reading, writing, painting, as a home office workstation and even as a student desk. The 25-year-old brand took back online distribution from third parties to provide direct to consumer sales on Amazon and increase brand reputation that had been awash with counterfeits and knockoffs.


Company was a well-established brand with over 25 years of sales in over 60 countries. Unfortunately, during that time, multiple counterfeits and knockoffs had also been established and were selling on the company’s listings on the Amazon platform and generating hundreds of negative reviews, hurting the brand and potential sales.

With a coordinated effort to clean up the brand and listings on Amazon, we were able to remove the counterfeit sellers and unauthorized listings as well as provide optimized authentic listings and assist them in handling customer service and fulfillment directly.


We created optimized product listings for each of their 4 products & variations. Customer service training & best practices were provided. Dozens of unauthorized & counterfeit listings were cleaned up, and the company was assisted with Brand Registry Application & Brand Gating. Feedback Genius was also setup and integrated to get Seller & Product Feedback.


Company achieved #1 New Release for 3 of 4 their products, and drove over $100K in sales in the first 4 months. Sales velocity increased and they were selling out of stock in Q4. Increased rankings for generic terms on all products were seen as product reviews went from 0 to 110+ in 4 months.

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