Greek Olive Oil Company


This national company is best known for importing only the freshest Extra Virgin Olive Oil directly from the Laconia region that their family farms are in Greece, to be sold online directly to anywhere in the world. Using only premium olives from the most current Greek harvest, they guarantee top quality and freshness in every bottle or tin.

The company’s Amazon store was building momentum with excellent product reviews, and consistent sales. The company’s online store was doing excellent DTC sales and strategy was to optimize Amazon store to build incremental revenue.


Although sales and product ranking in Amazon’s olive oil category were growing, we wanted to focus on stronger discoverability through targeted SEO infused in titles, copy, and backend. We also keyed efforts to improve page conversion with better main product image photography more engaging lifestyle shots, and stronger branded copywriting.


We reorganized parent/child product and wrote new branded copy using updated formatting. The SEO for titles and product description and backend were re-done. Lifestyle photos were added to better tell more engaging story. We also added automated customer service emails and ran automated campaigns. Old reviews were consolidated into new listings.


After the optimization was completed, sessions/page views increased by 189% in the initial 30 days. Order items increased by 307%, and order product sales by 266%. Conversion Rate for olive oil bottle increased by 180% to 32%.

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