The YES Bar


The YES bar is a Paleo-friendly no-nonsense snack bar was no preservatives, funky binders, or refined sugars. Their products are made in small batches, and supplied from farmers they know and suppliers they trust. The company is proud to serve their customers healthy snacks made out of real food.


Previously, The YES Bar was active on the Vendor Central platform. The client needed more control over the content listings, which Vendor Central did not provide. In addition, The YES Bar also needed to amp their visuals, optimize their product titles and descriptions, and link with FBA shipments.


We helped migrate The YES Bar to Seller Central, setting up their storefront on the new platform. This gave them more freedom with their own listings. We also optimized The YES Bar's product titles with SEO keyword research on the specific product, created parent/child variations, and finalized the client's pricing strategies.

Our team updated The YES Bar's product features and photos to engage a more visual audience. We assisted them with shipment to FBA, and accomplished pricing strategy and unite count price.


With our help, the YES bar's products achieved a conversion rate of 12.97%. Sales increased by over 500% from month 1 to Month 2. The company accumulated 26 Product Reviews with a 4.7 Star Rating on Amazon.

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