Protein Trends


A Nation Food Manufacture who produces diverse range of RTE (Read to Eat) appetizer, salad dressing, dips and salsas has present is both retail, C-Store, and Club stores.


Protein continues to gain traction globally in the marketplace and is more than simply recommended part of meals. The Marketing team must launch a line of clean label high protein non-dairy and dairy dips to compete in the growing fortified protein to stay competitive.


We developed a line of organic high protein pulse base and yogurt based dips with trendy flavors and broad consumer appeal. The dips were low-fat, high in fiber, and had probiotics and 5 grams of protein per serving. The protein sources were combination of dairy, rice protein, and Chorella Algae.


High protein snacking especially in the afternoon improves appetite control and satiety. Also an excellent benefit for aging population especially in building muscle.

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