Farmers Market to Retail


An Artisanal Candy Maker created a Soft Crunch Toffee inspired by a family recipe. The toffee made in a small kitchen, sold at Farmers Market and online for 15 years. The devoted customer based has grown and to meet the demand the toffee is now available in small specialty shops.


To keep present in Specialty Shops the toffee must guaranteed 4-month life. The current recipe has only a two-week shelf-life and quickly soften, oxidize and recrystallize. In addition, the visual appearance of the toffee becomes very oily and mushy specifically with the toffee crumbles characteristic of a weak emulsion.


We reformulated and converted the kitchen recipe into a proven commercial formulation and extended the shelf-life to 4 months under ambient temperature. The reformulation included adjusting the ratio of fat and sugar, adding functional ingredients to slow down oxidation and to stabilize the emulsion. The commercial process offers product specification that includes quality that offered ingredient and finish product specification.


The commercial formula and process offers product consistency, quality, protect client’s brand/reputation, and profitable return on investment not only in Specialty Shops but in other food industry segments.

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