New Snack Product Tapping into "What Do Women Really Want?"


An unmet need existed/exists in the afternoon snacking arena, especially for women.


Extensive focus groups indicated that women know what to have for breakfast and lunch, but felt confused and frustrated in finding a satisfying afternoon snack.  They did not want to 'ruin their day' or 'lose control', but did want something healthy-indulgent.


THE 4:00 COOKIE! -- created to offer the perfect 'satisfy-your-craving' snack.  It is all right to crave something sweet, but you must eat the right snack.  Anything with white sugar or white flour just increases the cravings.  Thus, the 4:00 Cookie is made with whole grains, a low-glycemic sweetener and slow-absorbing nuts, oats and flax.


Still a start-up business (mine!), the company has generated a core following of avid consumers, and significant interest from such retailers as Costco, QVC, HSN and a multitude of small coffee bars, fitness centers and gourmet stores.

The challenge of scaling up/manufacturing still remains its core issues.

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