Health Product’s Brand Story Development


Fuel for Thought is a beverage for improved cognitive health.


Based on our market research, we wanted to cater this product to mature adults with memory issues and caregivers of individuals suffering from a diminishing mind. We developed our communication strategy and refined our message to tell the scientific based story with sensitivity.


Coconut oil is consumed by many for its cognitive health benefits but typically comes with difficult consumption; we had to make it clear that a drinkable method was available- easier to take yet still effective. We also had to educate people on the power of coconut oil, and for those in the know, offered this easier way to consume. With research backed studies showing cognitive advantages to taking coconut and MCT oils, we made the product’s benefits clear with infographics and charts to help relay the message. With such an innovative product, the new package reflected a deliciously flavored yet beneficial beverage rather than just a dietary supplement.


While this refreshing and natural drink’s job is to help with focus; our job was to help direct focus to this approachable new product presentation of a great tasting nutritional beverage.

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