A Nobel Brand Concept


When Upfront Foods came to us to launch their on-the-go granola, things were a little backwards, literally. In an effort to be transparent with their ingredients, the company put the nutrition facts on the front of their packaging.


Upfront Food’s effort to communicate the healthy ingredients backfired with confusion on the store shelf, which side of the packaging was the front?


Like the namesake, Upfront Granola, we wanted to come up with a noble brand concept. Taking a cue from the original concept, Silver Creative set out to revamp the Upfront Granola brand while staying true to the core values of honest ingredients and delicious flavor. The end result was a friendly and inviting brand that helps convey trustworthiness and transparency to on-the-go snackers looking for the perfect blend of sweet, savory and crunchy.


By injecting granola with a dosage of personality and topping it with some of Silver's creativity, Upfront Granola has boosted sales and came back to Silver Creative for a larger package now sold in Sam’s Club.

For additional information, contact Paul Zullo at 203-957-8244 or foodandbev@silvercreativegroup.com.