Affordable Strategic Advice to a food SME from South Africa


A small South African food company needed strategic advice to develop its business and address some competitive issues (clients being stolen by competition).


The owner of the company did not feel comfortable with traditional consulting (perceived complexity and high costs) and was looking for some experienced pragmatic advice at a reasonable cost.


We managed the whole consulting process via emails only. Our hands-on extensive expertise in the food industry allowed us to quickly understand the business and its challenges. Through targeted questions we narrowed down the areas that needed strengthening and recommended some changes in the company's organization. In total, we exchanged 14 emails (7 on each side) over three weeks.


Microconsulting made it possible for a South African SME to get simple, fast, and affordable professional international advice. Not only were the costs kept under control due to the method but writing instead of face to face meetings made it possible for our client to interact at his own pace. Having the opportunity to write and read when he had time was an additional bonus given his busy schedule. He is now implementing the recommended changes.

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