New Line/Product Line Launch


An up incoming food manufacturing organization was experiencing a significant delay in a new product/ concept roll out.


The fill and seal equipment that was built and installed was unable to seal the product properly, thus delaying the new product rollout to market.


After nearly 6 months of trial and error, which led to 6 months of delay to market, I was brought in to troubleshoot the issue. I brought with me the packaging material vendor and the equipment manufacturer. Along with those two, and working with the site team, we developed our approach to root out the problem. Getting the entire team aligned on a plan was the essential part of the our success. Two fundamental discoveries were made:

  1. It was discovered that the team, in their effort to fix the problem, were creating too many variables. Too many random adjustments.
  2. The seal head itself needed to be converted to double tap the container, thus reducing the temperature at the seal head, as well as contact time of that seal head. We replicated this process through programing changes and achieved 100% seal. However, this cut the piece rate by 50%


Through an organized effort, we were able to manufacture saleable product within 6 hours of that days solution kick off. The equipment manufacturer had the system re-tooled at their cost, which ultimately brought that line up to its designed piece rate and with good seals. Product is now on the shelves.

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