Capacity Utilization


A highly recognized frozen food manufacturing organization had recently installed a production line that was severely underperforming as it relates to meeting their capacity as it was designed.


As a result of this capacity issue, their ability to meet their customers' service expectations was negatively impacted. This led to higher production costs, as well as a loss in customer confidence and business.


I was tapped to deliver a solution, which in this case was mechanical. Brining the site team together we designed and installed a simple but effective collating system which eliminated the bottleneck. All work was done in house and at a minimal cost.


Previous capacity utilization was approximately 60%. Upon completion of this project, we brought the line up to its designed capacity, reliving all previous service issues, regaining customer confidence and business. This project also eliminated all the additional costs associated with the utilization of additional labor and overtime associated with the aforementioned 60% figure.

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