New Technology Development


An EMU (Ostrich) farm owner found the need to develop technology for Tender Meat using EMU.


The EMU meat in general is very hard, takes longer cooking time and the palatability of the meat was not good. Though it has its limitations, EMU meat is recommended by hear association for Cardiac patients and has very high nutritional value in comparison to other existing meats.


We have taken this challenge to restructure the psychology and limitations of EMU meat. We created a technology, which reduces the cooking time of the meat 1/10th and at the same time made it palatable to our tastes. The new EMU meat was highly accepted in sensory too.


They have been facing this challenge for more than 5 years and we have been instrumental in resolving this problem in 3 months. They are now positioned better in the shelves and the cooking time has reduced by 1/10th. Shelf movement has also been proved higher.

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