Process Improvement and Cost Recovery


A client with a well-established restaurant was losing money and had several operational concerns affecting service, food and profitability.


Current management team struggled to isolate the issues and no signs of improvement were apparent therefore the client was seeking assistance.


We started investigating the POS system for accuracy, reviewing the food ordering and preparation systems. Inventory management was inconsistent and variances from period to period were not acceptable. Discovering that there were pricing issues as well as items not being accounted for and not charged we immediately corrected those issues and trained the management team how to research it. Poor recipe and prep standards were occurring so some solid recipe system templates were put into use to bring costs in line and consistent measurements for each plate.


Correcting these POS issues brought this client added sales of approximately $ 500 per week while preparation controls and recipe enhancements improved food costs by .5 %. The guest also saw a benefit from having the same portions and appearance for every plate, which builds their confidence in the brand.

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