Pudding Club Pack


A large producer of puddings needed a good performing package for their line of pudding to sell into club stores.


The containers that were chosen were great for the producer’s hot-fill process but the sealing films they tested were not. This resulted in occasional “leakers” that compromised shipments into the club stores. In addition, the customer also wanted a “peel-able” film that was consumer friendly. Lastly, the film needed to seal on their existing production lines.


Working closely with my suppliers’ R&D scientist, we tested a variety of films that would withstand the rigors of production, shipments and distribution. After many iterations of films, we were able to provide one that had excellent seal strength but was consumer friendly. It also was capable of ink jet printing.


The customer enjoyed nice growth of their pudding club packs with year over year sales totaling 25MM in a five year period.

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