Potato Side Dish Program


A division of one of the largest marketers of potatoes on the east coast wanted to add a value added, cook-in line of potatoes in a consumer package.


The product was at more of a premium so a package was required that would be cost effective and also perform well in a microwave oven. In addition, the flavor profiles of the potatoes needed to be maintained.


Working with our supplier, we were able to develop a re-sealable steam cook ready package that was attractive and easy to use in the cooking cycle in a microwave oven. The customer also created a web site whereby consumers could have access to videos and recipes.


Since the potatoes were steam cooked, the vitamin retention was greater than other modes of cooking. The flavor profiles were also excellent. The customer has experienced increased sales since the product line introduction over four years ago. Sales to date are over 25MM and growing.

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