A Quick-Service Restaurant firm with three outlets in Nigeria, each outlet generate average monthly sales of NG ₦5,875,000 (US $25,000) and needed to be properly structured.


The restaurant was very successful in its meal taste and offering, however, there were massive operational deficits and loss of revenue owing to improper documentation of processes, absence of accounting and financial control mechanisms, piecemeal procurement of raw materials (hence frequent stock shortages), absence of requisite business skills by the management, poor cost management, absence of basic checklists, lack of accountability by the owner, and lots of other operational issues.


Conducted an all-day training retreat on restaurant segments and operations, recommended two operational accounts – collection account for deposit of sales proceeds, and remittance account for expenditures for each outlet, as well as instruments for cash movement, drafted standard operational procedures for the firm, standardized products lines, recommended recruitment of experienced account manager, re-construct the service points to reduce traffic during peak period, recommended establishment of central store for large storage of materials, initiate continuous training exercise for attendants, and induction training for new recruit, and recommended deployment of POS systems to reduce transaction time. Recommended business management training for the owner, and also took part in instituting necessary structures.


Complete new business structure was established. Improved services, increased profit margin, and efficient operations were achieved.

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