Direct Marketing Turned Business Platform


Our fresh produce client was looking for a new branding platform for a direct marketing campaign targeting key retailers.


Without much history or product innovation, the challenge was to identify a strong message that would resonate with retailers and open new sales opportunities.


Through strategic planning sessions, we uncovered a potential platform: shipping one of the client’s products iceless. The industry had become accustomed to this product on ice, but our client knew that an iceless program would save the retailer cost and offer safety benefits. We developed a direct marketing campaign that offered specific data savings for each retailer. Using variable data printing in a direct mail piece, a sales contact process, trade advertising and campaign landing site, retailers received multiple touch points.


The iceless initiative literally changed our client’s business and became a key platform for growth. Several large retail accounts were secured, sales of their product increased 95% and shipping iceless soon became an industry standard.

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