Co-Promotion Development & Execution


Three leading brands in the food segment had aligned with the objective of launching a mutually beneficial co-promotion.


With just the idea in hand, full development and execution among the three separate entities was needed. From budget and scope to creative and implementation—nothing had been established.


After determining a tactical strategy and budget, we presented a cohesive and integrated promotion plan to all three parties. Once finalized, we developed promotion themes that could be trademarked, a promotion logo, joint trade advertisement, an IRC coupon, header card for in-store merchandising, trade show collateral, a consumer-focused landing site, glamor photography for recipes, and a downloadable recipe ebook. Coordinating approvals between the 3 brands, all materials were finalized well before the anticipated launch date.


The promotion was well received by retailers and consumers alike. Web traffic was driven to the landing site, each brand saw increases in social media engagement, and the ebook saw numerous downloads. The IRC coupon exceeded an impressive redemption rate, over 11%. All brands involved were very pleased with the results. Read more on VMA Storyboard by clicking here.

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