Brand Extension to Increase Shelf Space and Brand Awareness


A client with an all-natural bug replant was looking to break into the retail sales for major chains nationwide. They offered a unique product based on a growing trend for all-natural products. The client only offered one product, so the shelf space and brands awareness was very limited with only one product.


How to increase their shelf space and brand awareness, but keep cost low as the client did not have the financial backing to purchase shelf space or displays which could increase their sales.


The client had another product which was fully developed, but had not been brought to market. In order to increase shelf space and brand awareness for the client we determined they should simultaneously launch both products. The products complemented each other, and were both all-natural increasing brands exposure. The products were presented to 3 major retail chains, and each retail chain was interested in taking all products.


By extending the client’s brands offered to market, we were able to not only sell in one product but used to the opportunities to sell in two products doubling the client sales. The additional shelf space captured by both products doubled the client chances for success for both products at the same time, rather than launching each product independently. Sales for the client have been growing at over 50% each month since the initial launch 9 months ago, and with the brand awareness developed the client was also able to bring the products to the QVC Home Shopping Network selling out the inventory offered with in 1 hour of the presentation.

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