Develop Retail (Deli) Sales for an Established Business


We were approached by a client with an established business for over 30 years, to help create and develop a retail sales division. The company had tremendous sales in club stores and food service, but was unable to break into any major retail chains with their branded products.


Most retail chains in the country already have at least one established supplier for fresh retail soups in their deli area, either under private label or major national brand. How to build brand awareness for the brand and replace the leading supplier in the category?


As a former owner of soup manufacturing company this was a perfect fit for our company to utilize our retail relationships in the deli category with over 60 grocery chains across the country stemming from our last 25 years of business. We were able to reach out to each of our retail buyers and brokers, in order to strategize a plan to pursue their fresh soup business as it came up for bid. We were also successful in landing presentations with certain retailers which had no existing business up for bid, but were interested in the products we could provide based on our past history of innovative and high quality products. Each retailer was provided a comprehensive deli program, which provided year round and seasonal products for their fresh soup program which was beyond what they were currently provided from the existing suppliers. The comprehensive program we were able to design and present to each retail chain provided them a better option for the consumer as their current retail cup size they were selling was too large for a single serving and inflated the cost per unit. The smaller cup size was a better fit for their retail sales, and provided multiple opportunities to create programs like “meal deals” therefore providing the consumer with more value and ultimately the retailer with more rings at the register.


We were able to replace the top 2 suppliers in the country at each retailer the program was presented to. They now have a foot hold in retail chains, and are growing at rate of 100% per month by landing accounts each month and doubling the previous month's sales for retail soups. The deli category has many more opportunities, and as the relationships with the retail chains grow they will provide new opportunities for this supplier to sell more products throughout the deli category.

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