Business and Product Development


A person contacted our company to help develop a product, which was a much loved family recipe, that he wanted to bring to retail with the financial resources to assist.


In addition to have not having a fully developed product, there was no business plan or structure for the company. There was also no packaging or a brand.


We helped by developing and perfecting the product into a full comprehensive frozen entrée line, offered in single and family serve portions. We designed the recipe, packaging, and brand logo. We sourced all the suppliers for the ingredients, as well as negotiated the pricing. Found co-packers to manufacturer the product, while assisting in the initial production runs. Designed all the standard operating procedures and good manufacturing processes for the product at the manufacturer level to ensure consistency and quality. A marketing strategy was developed to launch the brand nationally, and was implemented by our in house brokerage division. As well as structuring the company from the ground up to administer all the day to day operations and future development.


In less than 1 year we had a fully developed product, business, and brand. In the 1st year the product was sold, by our in-house brokerage division, to over 21 grocery chains representing over 3500 retail stores. Our management team continues to provide strategic management planning, and oversees all operations of the company. The client’s goal was finally realized, and the nationwide brand continues to grow as we continually market and show their product to the top retailers in the country.

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