Corporate Food Service RFP Process


An international financial services company with headquarters in one city was opening a new office in another city several hundred miles away.  Both offices would have employee cafes and extensive catering and executive dining services.


Only a few food service contractors are capable of the four star restaurant-style meas and services the company required.  The operator of the headquarters food services was satisfactory.  Should they let that company operate the new office’s food services, or bring in a different company to operate both, or employ different contractors at each office – and which ones?


We reviewed the six proposals submitted and, with the company’s management, narrowed the possibilities to three prospective operators.  Since each contractor had a separate operating structure in each city, there was no advantage to having one company operate both facilities.  We participated with management in interviewing the three finalists’ management teams.  This process narrowed the options to two, including the incumbent contractor.  We prepared an operating contract and negotiated with each company.  The final decision: The incumbent retained its contract at the headquarters office and a separate company was selected for the new office.


The company now has excellent services that meet its expectations at each office.  Should either contractor prove unsatisfactory, management has the option of replacing it with the other company without the time, expense and risk of seeking new proposals.

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