Planning a New Corporate Food Service


A rapidly-growing young company was building a new headquarters, including its first in-house employee café and food service.


The company’s management knew what they wanted as an end result, but not how to achieve it.


First, we planned an operation around the service of fresh foods, prepared from scratch and locally sourced to the fullest extent possible, including employee meals , catering and executive dining.  A dining facility was designed to support the planned operation.  The next step was to issue a Request for Proposals (RFP) for a qualified operator.  Five food service contractors responded.  We narrowed the field to two companies and negotiated contract terms with both.  Company management selected one of the companies on the basis of the on-site manager and depth of support offered.  We participated in the final installation of the new café, setup and inauguration of the new food service program.


The company gained a compact, efficient facility and a cost-effective service that met its expectations and has become a well-appreciated employee benefit.

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