Revitalizing Campus Food Services


A 2,500-student college had been served for many years by the same food service contractor.  Recently, service had declined and costs had risen.


The financial vice president wondered if they were getting the best possible service at a fair price or whether they should look for another company.


Our investigation found a new on-campus manager wasn’t familiar with college food services.   Some food service employees were poorly trained and the operation was badly organized.  The food service contractor was paying scant attention to this client and was overcharging for its services.  We negotiated on the college’s behalf with the contractor.  As a result, a team of company experts were sent in to train the staff and new arrangements for oversight and guidance for the manager were established.  New, more equitable financial arrangements were established.


Students, faculty and staff enjoyed better meals and catering services.  The college gained more responsive services from the contractor at a reduced cost.  The contractor saved a valuable client.

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