Technical Service


A large, multi-national food company has approached a regional food manufacturer to supply a food component that is to be used in a meal kit.   Realizing the sales potential and the absence of an in-house technical expert, the regional food company decided to hire Seet and Associates to work with the R&D team of the major food company.  The food company has to assure the potential customer that it is capable of understanding the technical requirements of the meal kit component and to develop, and thereafter, consistently manufacture a quality product.


Seet & Associates, along with the Sales Director, attended a number of meetings with the customer project team to understand the requirements for the product.  Thereafter, product prototypes were developed by the company food technician with the guidance from Seet & Associates.  Initial samples were provided followed by a number of iterations before the final prototype was accepted by the customer.  The product was eventually produced commercially according to the specifications that were established by Seet & Associates.  Throughout this process, Seet & Associates was the principal technical liaison with the customer R&D team. 


The company was able to initially attract the interest of the customer by including a technical expert as a member of its strategic team.  Subsequent interactions and progressive product development cycles that build on the initial trust resulted in a major sale.   The company, being pragmatic in outsourcing for technical expertise as it has limited R&D resource, was able to partner with a major food company that has over 600 R&D professionals.

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