Franchise Ownership


A well-compensated corporate executive was interested in leaving the corporate world, and pursuing his life’s passion…owning/operating/developing several franchised foodservice businesses.


There were three primary issues to deal with….finding a franchise opportunity that would generate enough cash flow to replace his corporate income, within a two to three year time horizon.  Finding a foodservice franchise opportunity that was new and trendy…a business he would be proud to own and operate.  Finding a foodservice franchise offering the opportunity to develop multiple locations within reasonable geographic proximity to his current residence, making relocation a non-issue.


We started the search process by developing a “franchisor profile matrix”, designed to identify franchisors who met the criteria outlined above, as well as a variety of other qualifications relating to financial stability, growth history, support provided to franchisees, and reputation among their franchisees.  By diligently adhering to the process, we were able to identify a new fast casual segment that was in its early stages of development, and evaluate five franchisors who were potential franchisor partners for the client.  By virtue of our extensive background and experience in foodservice franchise development and operations, we were able to structure an arrangement with the client which placed us in the role of interim operating partner, until such time as the operating locations achieve the cash flow stream that would enable him to leave his corporate job and operate the franchise businesses.


The client is currently moving forward with one of the franchisors, and expects to achieve all of his goals and objectives, within a reasonable time frame. 

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