Foodservice Brand Repositioning


An established/well-known mall-based beverage and snack franchisor was facing a large number of lease expirations throughout their store distribution network, and needed help in convincing mall landlords to renew their leases on favorable terms.


The company had achieved a dominant position within the mall foodservice community by having a unique product line, and being one of the first foodservice retailers to aggressively develop within the mall venue.  Present day, however, mall foodservice competition was much more intense, the company and its franchisees had not reinvested in equipment and leasehold improvements to present a “contemporary look” to consumers and mall developers, and sales per square foot were no longer attractive.


We created, market tested, refined and expanded a contemporary new, repositioned retail brand.  New menu items were introduced, store ambience and décor were upgraded and franchisees were incentivized to upgrade and remodel their stores.


Most mall leases and franchise agreements up for renewal were renewed, a significant number of new locations were developed, many existing locations were converted to the new concept, and franchise fee and royalty income increased.

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