Restaurant Development


A consumer foods company developed a unique product line that was very successful in the retail market. They believed that the product line's consumer franchise was so extensive that they would be able to base a successful restaurant chain around that product line.


The client's management team was wonderfully competent in consumer brand marketing and production, but knew nothing about the restaurant business. There had never been any reason to develop core competencies in that area.


One call to the FOOD CONSULTANTS GROUP solved all of their problems and provided a professional team of qualified restaurant people. From the members of the group, restaurant specialists were found in the following areas:
* Business planning
* Site selection and evaluation
* Design and décor
* Construction
* Menu development and pricing
* Recruitment of staff
* Staff training
* Advertising and local unit marketing
* Purchasing and controls
* Accounting systems
* Opening team


Under one project coordinator, up to 12 different consultants would apply their expertise to the project on an as-needed basis. From the concept of the consumer product, a complete restaurant would be developed, opened and fine-tuned to profitability before turning the keys of the restaurant over to the client.

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