Product Rollout from Foodservice to Retail


A successful foodservice manufacturing company wanted to develop the product (frozen) for retail supermarkets.


The client had minimal foodservice brand recognition and limited funding. Further, freezer space is the most competitive location of the supermarket.


Using research, we created a marketing strategy that appealed to the target demographics. Starting in one major market, we worked with the best frozen food broker to establish the product, chain by chain. Due to limited funds, we carefully orchestrated maximum shelf space in every chain, then conducted an adverting campaign. Special tactics were used to buy a large amount of media, at a fraction of what other advertisers paid for the identical ads. Sales from this effort, led to funding to increase distribution in other markets.


Attained national distribution - the product is in virtually every supermarket in the US. The company became the leader in the category. This was all attained on a very tight budget.

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