ERP Packaged Software Selection


In competition with five other major consulting firms we were selected to assist a national food distributor update its information systems.
Following the development of an information systems strategy we were retained to advise on the selection of a packaged software vendor. We developed a Request For Proposal (RFP) including weighted criteria for selection, which was reviewed and approved by executives of every major department in the company.


The scope of the system selected included sales order processing, inventory management for the eight distribution centers throughout the USA, purchasing, costing, accounts payable, accounts receivable and general ledger. The packaged software had to integrate with in-house systems that we were assisting in redesigning. The in-house systems included Buying Decision Support and a product specification system.


In order to select the software within a four-month timetable to fit in with the needs of the business, we reviewed 35 software vendors but only invited a short list of the most suitable vendors to respond to the RFP. The proposals received were rated against the agreed criteria, and, ultimately, two finalists were selected. The vendors demonstrated their packages and a detailed list of modifications required was established. Costs for the product license, modifications, and implementation services were obtained. Detailed negotiations were conducted with both the finalists and an award was made within the planned time period. Benefits
The discounts obtained from the vendors far exceeded our fees for assisting the selection process. The implementation of the packaged software was successfully completed in 1999.

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