Consumer Product Guerrilla Marketing


A small division of one of the largest food companies in the world had developed a line of premium fresh juices that had strong appeal, but only to very select audience segments.


In addition to budget constraints, since the premium, high priced product only appealed to certain specific customer segments, traditional mass media would be too costly and very inefficient - hitting more non-potential users than users.


We created a highly targeted grass roots / guerrilla marketing program to target the two highest volume segments. This comprised building and training a knowledgeable, energetic and dedicated team of marketing representatives. We then designed a variety of low cost displays that could be used by one person or a team, along with a "Juice Party" concept (including tee shirts, give aways and of course juice sampling). The "Juice Parties" were deployed to where the core segments were located, including upscale area supermarkets, health food stores, club stores, college campuses, etc.


Attained sales growth of 77% at a very low cost per customer acquisition. All promotional dollars were spent effectively. Not only were new customers captured, new products were sold to existing customers, thus increasing loyalty. Loyal customers were turned into product evangelists as they learned more about the products and wore branded tee shirts in front of other high potential customers.
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