Acquisition Analysis


A restaurant chain was the leader in its segment, but required diversification through acquisition to provide a growth vehicle.


The client did not have the required expertise outside their segment to identify and evaluate all prospective chains that should be considered, nor the personnel available to complete the process in a timely fashion.


We developed a set of criteria to screen and evaluate all restaurant chains meeting the client's unique circumstances and comfort level. Starting with 2400 chains, we detailed several hundred that met the key criteria and then selected 15 for detailed evaluation, which included personal field inspections of many of the individual units. Three chains were selected and we assisted the client in consummating the acquisition of the primary candidate.


Within six months, the client acquired a chain with excellent day-part appeal, in a growth segment closely parallel to their current concept and therefore comfortable to them.
They expanded the chain nationally from its regional base and obtained a viable growth vehicle.

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